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Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad Class 3 Sample Papers


Classic Section:

Numerals, Number Name and Number Sense

  • Numbers and numeration
    • To write number name for numeral and vice versa (Up to 5-digits)
    • Place value and face value
    • Indian place value chart
    • International place value chart
    • Comparison of numbers
    • Rounding off the numbers (Nearest 10, 100 and 1000)

Roman Numerals

  • To convert roman numeral into number (Up to 500)
  • Write roman numeral for number

Computations Operations

  • Addition and subtraction (Up to 5-digits)
    • Properties of addition and subtraction
    • Addition and subtraction using estimation
  • Multiplication and division (By 3-digit number)
    • Properties of multiplication and division
    • Estimation of product and quotient
  • Factors and multiples
    • Definition of Even, odd, prime and co-prime numbers
    • Rules of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 and 11
    • To find factors and multiples of numbers
    • LCM and HCF


  • Closed plane figures (Triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus and parallelogram)
  • 3 Dimensional figures (Cube, Cuboid, Sphere, cone and Cylinder)
  • Line segment, ray, line and angles
  • Circle and terms related to circle (Centre, radius, diameter, chord and circumference of the circle)


  • Fraction
    • Definition of fraction
    • Types of fractions (Like, unlike, proper, improper, unit, mixed and equivalent fraction)
    • Ordering fraction
  • Comparison of fractions
    • Fractions with same numerators
    • Fractions with same denominators
    • Fractions with different numerators and denominators
  • Conversions
    • Converting a mixed fraction into an improper fraction
    • Converting an improper fraction into a mixed number
  • Operations of fractional numbers
    • Addition/subtraction and multiplication of like/unlike and improper fractions
    • Addition/subtraction of a whole number and a fractional number
    • Properties of addition and subtraction of fractions
    • Use of fractions in daily life

Measurements: Length, Mass, Capacity and Volume

  • Length
    • Conversions of mm-cm-dm-m-km and vice versa
    • Addition and subtraction of length
    • Multiplication and division of length
  • Mass
    • Conversion of units (mg-g-kg)
    • Addition and subtraction of weight
  • Capacity and Volume
    • Conversion of units (ml-l-kl)
    • Addition and subtraction of capacity
    • Multiplication and subtraction of capacity

Measurements of Time

  • Time notations
  • Time calculations
  • Conversions of time
  • Day, week, month and year
  • Duration of time
  • Calculation of days

Measurements of Money

  • Converting rupees into paise and vice versa
  • Addition and subtraction of money
  • Multiplication and division of money

Geometry: Perimeter and Area of Various Shapes

  • Perimeter of triangle, square and rectangle
  • Area of triangle, square and rectangle

Data Handling and Symmetry

  • Definition of data
  • Bar graph, pictograph and pie chart
  • Line of symmetry and mirror image

Scholar Section:

Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section

Sample Papers of Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad for Class 3:

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