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Unicus Global Mathematics Olympiad Class 10 Sample Papers


Classic Section

Content Domain Main chapters Sub Topics
Number system Real Numbers Rational Numbers, Irrational Numbers and their properties
HCF, LCM and their properties
Units digit
Surds- Types of surds
Laws of surds
Order of a surd
Comparison of monomial surds
Addition and subtraction of surds
Multiplication and division of surds
Relationship between HCF and LCM
logarithms Natural logarithms, common logarithms
Properties of logarithms and problems based on it
Algebra Polynomials Division of polynomial
Degree of a polynomial
Factorisation of polynomial
Relationship between zeroes and coefficients of a polynomial
Remainder and factor theorem
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables Standard form of liner equation in 2 variables
Different methods to solve equations- graphical method and algebraic method
Linear Inequations Solving linear inequation in 1 variable
Word problems based on forming and solving linear inequations
Quadratic Equations Discriminant of a quadratic equation
Finding the roots by factorisation and quadratic formula
Word problems based on the formation and solving of quadratic equation
Arithmetic Progressions Sequence and series
Arithmetic Progression - nth term of AP, sum of n terms
Arithmetic mean
Word problems on AP
Geometric Progressions Geometric Progression- nth term of GP, sum of n terms
Word problems on GP
Geometry Triangles Criteria for similarity of triangles
Areas of similar triangles
Basic proportionality theorem
Circles Chord and its properties, theorems based on chords
Cyclic quadrilateral
Tangents and related theorem
Alternate segment and its angles
Coordinate Geometry Coordinate Geometry Area of a triangle
Distance formula
Section formula
Points of trisection
Straight lines - inclination of a line, slope or gradient of a line, intercepts of a straight line, equation of a line in general form, different forms of equations - slope form, point-slope form, two-point form, intercept form, equation of a line parallel or perpendicular to the given line
Trigonometry Introduction to Trigonometry Trigonometric ratios
Trigonometric ratios of some specific angles (0, 30, 45, 60, etc.)
Trigonometric identities
Signs of trigonometric ratios
Trigonometric tables
Trigonometric formulas
Some Applications of Trigonometry Angle of elevation, depression and problems based on them
Mensuration Areas Related to Circles Area of circle, sector and segment
Circumference of circle, sector, length of an arc
Surface Areas and Volumes CSA (curved surface area)/LSA and TSA (total surface area) of cube, cuboid, right circular cylinder, pyramid, prism, sphere, hemisphere and frustum
Volume of solid - cube, cuboid, right circular cylinder, pyramid, prism, sphere, hemisphere
Area and volume of combination figures
Statistics Statistics Types of data - primary data, secondary data
Statistical Graphs- Bar graph, histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curve
Measures of central tendencies for grouped and ungrouped data- mean, median, mode
Empirical relationship among mean, median, and mode
Probability Basic terminologies of probability
Theoretical vs experimental probability
Problems based on finding probability

Scholar Section

Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section

Sample Papers of Unicus Global Mathematics Olympiad for Class 10:

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