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Unicus Global Science Olympiad Class 3 Sample Papers


Classic Section

Content Domain Main Topics Sub-Topics
Physical Science Forms of Matter Forms of matter: solids, liquids and gases
Examples of solids, liquid and gases and their properties
Uses of matter
Properties of Water Physical properties of water (occupy space, take shape of the container)
Water and water solutions
Conditions that affect making of a solution
(stirring, warm water)
Common soluble and insoluble substances in
water (simple experiments)
Objects that float, sink in water
Light Foundational understanding of light its properties and interactions
Source of light: natural and artificial
Examples of sources of natural and artificial light
Luminous/non-luminous objects.
Transparent, translucent and opaque objects. Examples of each category of objects.
Uses of these objects in daily life
Formation of shadows (how a shadow Is formed)
Sound Sound and how it is produced
Objects that produce sound
Difference between: loud and soft sounds; pleasant and unpleasant sounds
Life Science Plants in the Surroundings Diversity of plant life (flowering/non-flowering plants, terrestrial and aquatic)
Parts of plants
Structure and function of each part of the plant (root, stem, leat, flower and fruit)
Structure and kinds of a seed
Plant diversity
Parts of plants used as food items: leaves, roots, fruits, seeds, flowers.
Plant products such as oil, spices, pulses and other edible things (medicinal leaves, seeds)
All About Animals Introduction to vertebrates and invertebrates
Specific animal adaptations for eating
Common Insects: ants, beetles, bees, flies, mosquitoes, butterfly
Body parts of an insect: head, thorax, abdomen, legs, wings
Some social insects (ants, bees), at home and in the environment
Harmful effects of insects (mosquitoes, termites, lice, cockroaches, houseflies, bedbugs) and remedies
Classification of birds based on beaks, feet, feathers
Nests of some interesting birds (weaver, tailor, woodpecker birds)
Human Body Overview of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, muscular, and skeletal systems
Parts/organs of the different systems and their functions
Diagram and labelling of organs of different systems
Health and Hygiene Personal cleanliness: hand washing, nails, hair, clothes, other body parts
Looking after your body in terms of food, rest, exercise, recreational activities
Cleanliness in the surroundings; causes of unhealthy surroundings (use of polythene, spitting, garbage)
Ways to improve the surroundings
Environmental Science Sun as a Natural Resource Sun as a natural source of energy
Sun for growth, and photosynthesis, in plants
Use of sun for solar cooker/cooking, drying
Solar cells as a source of electricity
Renewable & non-renewable sources of energy (meaning in nontechnical terms with examples)
Conservation of energy
Water as a Resource Change of state of water: evaporation, condensation
Water cycle
Water impurities: types and causes
Purification of water: various ways and
processes (layers cloth, boiling, chlorine.)
Rainwater harvesting: need and ways of doing it

Scholar Section

Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section

Sample Papers of Unicus Global Science Olympiad for Class 3:

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