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Unicus Global Mathematics Olympiad Class 5 Sample Papers


Classic Section

Content Domain Main chapters Sub Topics
Number Number Sense Number names (6-digit number)
Successor and predecessor of a number
Rounding off a number (tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands)
Multiples and Factors
Computation Operations Addition, subtraction, multiply and division of 6-digit and 7-digit numbers (Questions based on BODMAS)
Fractions Types of fractions (proper fractions, improper fractions, unit fractions, mixed fractions, like fractions and unlike fractions)
Addition and subtraction of unlike fractions
Problems on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fraction
Equivalent fractions
Decimals Representations of decimals (words, numbers and models)
Add, subtract, and multiply with fractions and decimals and divide fractions and decimals by a whole number
Decimal division
Expressions, Equations and Relationship Missing number or operation in a number sentence
Form expressions or equations as per the problem
Measurement Length Length- units of length
Conversion from one unit to another
Word problems based on lengths
Weight Weights- units of length
Conversion from one unit to another
Word problems based on weights
Capacity Capacity- units of length
Conversion from one unit to another
Word problems based on capacity
Difference between capacity and volume
Time Units of time
Conversion from one unit to another
Calendar related problems
Temperature Units of temperature
Conversion from one unit to another
Word problems based on temperature
Geometry Angles Types of angles (acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle, straight angle, complete angle)
Shapes Recognise 1-dimensional shapes (point, line, line-segment, ray)
Recognise 2-dimensional shapes (quadrilaterals- square, rectangle, rhombus etc)
Recognise 3-dimensional shapes (solids- cone, cylinder, cube etc)
Symmetry Lines of symmetry
Types of symmetry - translational symmetry, rotational symmetry
Centre of rotation
Order of rotational symmetry
Mensuration Area and Perimeter Perimeter of basic 2-d shapes (square, rectangle, triangle) and irregular shapes
Area of 2-dimensional shapes (Square, rectangle)
Area and perimeter of combined figures
Data Handling Data Handling Understanding the basic terminologies - data, raw data, organised data
Data and graphs - bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts (interpret the graph and answer the questions)
Finding mean, mode, median and range of the non- grouped data

Scholar Section

Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section

Sample Papers of Unicus Global Mathematics Olympiad for Class 5:

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