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Unicus Global Science Olympiad Class KG Syllabus

Class KG

1. Content Domain: Life Science

Introduction: Human Body, Food and Clothes

  1. Major body parts
  2. The five senses
  3. Personal hygiene
  4. Healthy and junk food

Living and Non-living Things

  1. Basic needs of living things
  2. Classifying living and non-living things

Plant World

  1. Identifying different types of plants
  2. Need of plants
  3. Fruits, vegetable and flowers

Animal World

  1. Identifying different types of animals
  2. Farm animals and their products
  3. Animal sounds and homes

2. Content Domain: Environmental Science

Family, Home, and School

  1. Types of families
  2. Members of a family and their roles
  3. Parts of a home and their uses
  4. Importance of keeping home clean and safe
  5. Different areas of school
  6. People in school


  1. Types of pollution: air, water, noise
  2. Sources of pollution
  3. Keeping our planet clean


  1. Identifying seasons
  2. Clothing and activities for different seasons


  1. Modes of transport
  2. Importance of transportation

Safety and Habits

  1. Traffic rules and road safety
  2. Healthy and unhealthy habits