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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1keyboard_arrow_rightWho all are eligible to sit for Unicus Olympiads?

    All the students of classes 1-11 (Academic year 2024-25) are eligible to take the Final Exam for all subjects except UNRMO.
    Class 1 => Class 1 (2024-25) / Pre-primary (2023-24) (Exam for class 1 students will be parent/teacher assisted)
    Class 2 => Class 2 (2024-25) / Class 1 (2023-24)
    Class 3 => Class 3 (2024-25) / Class 2 (2023-24)
    Class 11 => Class 11 (2024-25) / Class 10 (2023-24)
    For UNRMO (Academic year 2023-24)
    Class 3 => Class 3 (2023-24) / Class 2 (2022-23)
    Class 10 => Class 10 (2023-24) / Class 9 (2022-23)

  • Q.2keyboard_arrow_rightWhat will be the mode of exam?

    Unicus Olympiads conducts both online and pen/paper exams. Do note that the registrations to pen/paper exam are possible only through schools.

  • Q.3keyboard_arrow_rightCan a school register for Unicus Olympiads?

    Yes, a school can register for Unicus Olympiads in any of the modes of the exam. In either case, kindly send us an email at and we’ll email you the prospectus. You can also submit your query here.

  • Q.4keyboard_arrow_rightCan I register individually for Unicus Olympiads?

    A student must not be denied any exam if his/her school is not participating. Hence, one of the objectives of Unicus Olympiads is to enable every student to take Olympiad exams and compete against his/her peers across India and abroad. In case, a student is unable to register for Olympiad exam through school, he/she can register for Unicus Olympiads directly.

  • Q.5keyboard_arrow_rightWhich all subjects are covered under Unicus Olympiads?

    Unicus Olympiads is organised for the following subjects:

    1. Unicus Mathematics Olympiad (UMO)
    2. Unicus Science Olympiad (USO)
    3. Unicus English Olympiad (UEO)
    4. Unicus General Knowledge Olympiad (UGKO)
    5. Unicus Critical Thinking Olympiad (UCTO)
    6. Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO)

    Please note that the students of Class 1 (2024-25) can register for English, Mathematics and Science only. While the students of classes 2 to 11 (2023-24) can register for all the 7 subjects except for UNRMO which is available for classes 3 to 10 only.

  • Q.6keyboard_arrow_rightHow will it be possible for a student of class 1 (2024-25) to appear for online exams?

    The Olympiads for class 1 students are more of a fun activity. As the kids are entering the learning phase of their life, we are trying to give them an exposure through these fun-filled exams. Do note that these exams will be parent-assisted. The duration of the exam will be of 45 minutes with 25 questions only.

  • Q.7keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is Free Trial?

    Free Trial is an opportunity for the students to give a full-fledged paper of Unicus Olympiads without any payment. This will help the students in understanding the exam type and hence taking the decision to register with Unicus Olympiads.

  • Q.8keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the exam fee for each subject?

    For classes 1 to 11, the exam fee for each subject is Rs. 225 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is $15 (US Dollars = INR 1200).
    The fee covers the cost of three Mock Tests for each subject which can be attempted 3 times.
    UNRMO is free of cost for Level 1. If the student clears the cut-off, then he/she can appear for Level 2. The fee for Level 2 is Rs. 300 for students studying and enrolling from India while for students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is $20 (US Dollars - INR Rs. 1600)

  • Q.9keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the refund policy?

    Under any circumstances, we won’t refund part or full fees paid.

  • Q.10keyboard_arrow_rightWhat will be the venue for online and Pen/paper exams?

    In case of online exam, the exam will have to be taken by student from home or school’s computer lab. The student should have a working laptop or desktop with good Internet connection and a webcam. The speed of the Internet connection should be 2 Mbps. Also, the desktop/laptop should have latest version of the browser (preferably Google Chrome). The exam can't be taken using Mobile device. As the online mode of exam will be proctored, access to webcam is compulsory.

    The pen/paper exam will be conducted in the schools only.

  • Q.11keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the Syllabus of all the subjects of Unicus Olympiads?

    As Unicus Olympiads assess student's conceptual understanding of what he/she has studied, the syllabus for each subject includes the immediate last two classes studied by the student. Also, the syllabus of Unicus Olympiads is based on the curriculum as prescribed by popular boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc. A detailed class-wise syllabus for Unicus Olympiads can be accessed as follows:

    1. Unicus Mathematics Olympiad (UMO) Syllabus
    2. Unicus Science Olympiad (USO) Syllabus
    3. Unicus English Olympiad (UEO) Syllabus
    4. Unicus General Knowledge Olympiad (UGKO) Syllabus
    5. Unicus Critical Thinking Olympiad (UCTO) Syllabus
    6. Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO) Syllabus
    One should treat the prescribed syllabus as an OUTLINE at best. As this exam is of competitive nature, there could be some questions that may be administered to check the advance level understanding of the students.

  • Q.12keyboard_arrow_rightWhat will be the structure and pattern of the examination?

    Please visit this link to read about the structure and pattern of various Unicus Olympiad exams.

  • Q.13keyboard_arrow_rightWhat will be the ranking criteria in Unicus Olympiads?

    Please click this link to read about the criteria of ranking in Unicus Olympiads.

  • Q.14keyboard_arrow_rightThe results are declared. I see percentage and percentile being given but the ranking is not mentioned.

    Percentage is calculated as marks scored divided by total marks whereas Percentile is (100% - % of students above the student in terms of marks). Unicus Olympiads is of the opinion that percentile is a much better way of knowing student's standing among his/her peer group. For example, there are 10 students appearing for an exam A and say, 10,000 students appearing for an exam B. There's a huge difference between a student getting International Rank 9 in Exam A vs. another student getting International Rank 9 in exam B. In all the situations, percentile works better than International Ranking. In regular academics/college/schools, institutions declare CGPA (a modified version of percentile system) as compared to declaring ranks. Hence, we provide percentile as compared to ranking. Also note that we do not consider time taken by the student while declaring the percentile. Hence, all the student scoring same marks in a subject will have same percentile. The final ranking for the purpose of giving awards is based on percentile and other criteria mentioned in 'Ranking Criteria'.

  • Q.15keyboard_arrow_rightAfter the payment, what should be done next?

    Once you make the payment, you have to go to the ‘Book Slot’ section of your dashboard in Unicus Olympiads. Don’t forget to book the slot ASAP to get your preferred time slot. We will be sending emails/SMSes for slot booking 2-3 days before the exam as reminder. For details, check here

  • Q.16keyboard_arrow_rightI want to change my booked slot time for the exam. What should I do?

    You can change your booked slot time for a nominal cost of Rs. 30 per slot change.

  • Q.17keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the procedure to take Unicus Olympiads exam?

    In case of online mode of exam, do make sure that you have booked the slot. To take the exam, go to your dashboard on Unicus Olympiads and then click ‘Final Exam’ and then 'Subjects'. The subject page will open up. Click on the Start Exam button to start the exam. Start the camera, accept the terms & conditions and then click Start Test to start the exam.

  • Q.18keyboard_arrow_rightWhen will the answer keys for the exams be available?

    The dates for Main exams and Answer Keys are fixed. Please visit the Exam Dates page to know more about it.

  • Q.19keyboard_arrow_rightWhat if I find a mistake in the questions and/or answers in the Answer Keys?

    There is a provision to challenge the questions/answers on the Answer Keys page itself. There is an option to select the correct answer and an explanation box to write your correct answer for every question. Whichever questions you think are incorrect, please select their respective correct options and explanation. Then click on the challenge button. The questions will be reviewed by our Academic Council and the score will be updated accordingly.

  • Q.20keyboard_arrow_rightDo I need to pay if I challenge any question?

    Yes, for every question you challenge, you need to pay Rs. 100. However, do note that if your challenge is accepted, we will refund this amount and also add Rs. 50 in your wallet which can be used in your subsequent purchases. In case, the challenge is not accepted, the amount won’t be refunded.

  • Q.21keyboard_arrow_rightPlease share details about 'zones' used for ranking.

    All the States/Union Territories in India and other countries have been categorized into 5 zones - East, West, North and South within and all the other countries are categorized as International. You may find more details here.

  • Q.22keyboard_arrow_rightHow to enable camera for all the tests?
  • Q.23keyboard_arrow_rightWhy I am not receiving any emails from Unicus Olympiads?

    It may be possible that the emails are landing in your spam folder. Hence, we would suggest you to mark the email as important and move it to your primary inbox.

  • Q.24keyboard_arrow_rightMy question is not listed. How do I contact you?

    Send us an email to at and we'll be more than happy to assist you.