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Unicus English Olympiad Class 5 Syllabus

Class 5

Classic Section: Word Power & Jumbled Words and Sentence Creation: Homophones, Collocations, Spellings, Words related to animals, household things, clothes, basic emotions, food, animals, pets, etc.; Gender and Relations; Synonyms and Antonyms; Singular-Plural and One Word Substitution; Proverbs and Phrase Pairs; Nouns and Pronouns; Verbs and Adverbs; Adjectives;Articles and Prepositions; Contractions; Conjunctions and Punctuations; Comprehension (Stories and Poetry): Search For and Retrieve Information From Various Text Types Like Stories, Anecdotes, Etc; Understand Information Through Pictures, Time-Table Format, Etc.; Spoken and Written Expressions: Acquire Broad Understanding Of and Look For Specific Information In Short Texts Like Messages, Invitations, Etc.; Spoken and Written Expression: Ability to Understand Situation-Based Variations In Functions Like Apology, Greeting, Introduction, Request, Etc.; Tenses - Simple, Present and Continuous.

Scholar Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section