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Unicus Global Mathematics Olympiad Class 1 Syllabus

Class 1

1. Content Domain: Number

Number Sense

  1. Number names (2-digit numbers)
  2. Comparison of numbers
  3. Place value
  4. Skip counting (2 to 10)
  5. What comes before, after, and between?

Addition and Subtraction

  1. Addition and subtraction (2-digit numbers)


  1. Number patterns (complete the pattern by analysing the trend)
  2. Figure patterns

2. Content Domain: Measurement

Length and Weights

  1. Addition and subtraction of lengths and weights having same units
  2. Comparison of lengths and weights (2-digit numbers)

3. Content Domain: Time and Money


  1. Reading the time from the clock
  2. Units of time
  3. Identifying a.m. and p.m.


  1. Currency notes and coins
  2. Addition and subtraction of money

4. Content Domain: Geometry

Geometrical Shapes and Solids

  1. Identifying the shapes and solids (2-D and 3-D shapes)