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Unicus Global Science Olympiad Class 1 Syllabus

Class 1

1. Content Domain: Life Science

Living vs. Non-living Things

  1. Characteristics of living and non-living things and their examples
  2. Differences between living and non-living things

Plants Around Us

  1. Basic understanding of plants, their parts (leaves, stems, roots), and their needs (water, sunlight, soil)
  2. Different types of plants (trees, shrubs, herbs, climbers, and creepers)
  3. Uses of plants
  4. Parts of plants we use

Animals Around Us

  1. Basic understanding of animals, their characteristics, and habitats
  2. Classification of animals based on their eating habits
  3. Wild and domestic animals
  4. Animal young ones and groups

Food and Nutrition

  1. Introduction to food groups and nutrition
  2. Different categories of food: energy giving, protective, and bodybuilding foods
  3. Healthy vs. unhealthy choices

Human Organs, Health and Well-being

  1. Senses and sensory organs
  2. Major organs and their functions: internal and external
  3. Healthy habits for the body: importance of sleep, exercise, good posture, hygiene for overall health

2. Content Domain: Environmental Science

The Essentials of Life

  1. Properties of air: uses, composition, and importance
  2. Properties of water: uses, forms, sources, and importance

Weather and Seasons

  1. Introduction to weather conditions (rain, sun, clouds)
  2. Weather and climate changes across seasons

In the Space

  1. Introduction to celestial bodies: sun, moon, and planets
  2. Day and night cycle


  1. Types of buildings and their uses
  2. Clean neighborhood
  3. Some common helpers

Basic Transportation and Communication

  1. Different means of transport
  2. Special vehicles
  3. Misuse of transport and noise pollution
  4. Good transport practices
  5. Introduction to communication methods
  6. Uses and misuses of communication

House and Clothes

  1. Importance of houses
  2. Different types of houses
  3. Materials for clothes, clothing for different seasons

Safety and First Aid

  1. Basic safety rules to be followed at home, school, and road
  2. Basic first aid
  3. Safe food handling