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Unicus Global Science Olympiad Class 2 Sample Papers


Classic Section

Content Domain Main Topics Sub-Topics
Life Science The World of Plants Various kinds of plants
Basic understanding of plant parts and their functions
How plants make their food
Products obtained from plants
Role of plants in the environment
Special functions of parts of plants:
(Spines for protection, tendrils for climbing, brightly coloured flowers for attracting insects)
Exploring Animal Life Animal Classification
Role of animals in the environment
Habitats of Animals
Diet of Animals
Categorise animals based on their primary mode of movement (e.g., flying, swimming, walking).
Ways animals benefit humans: Animals and Food Production: Milk, meat, eggs.
Manure and Fuel from Animals: The role of animal waste in agriculture.
Animals in Agriculture: Ploughing, transportation of goods.
Animals as Means of Transport: Horses, camels, elephants.
Products from Animals: Wool, silk, honey.
Understanding Organ Systems and health Internal organs and their functions
Basic functions and location of each organ system
How senses help us learn about the world
The Importance of Exercise
Germs and Hygiene
Nutrients and Healthy Eating The function of each food group in the body (energy, building, protection)
Importance of water for optimal body function
The diversity of food habits around the world (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan)
Balanced meal plan incorporating different food groups
Foods that should be limited in a healthy diet
Environmental Science Exploring Human Shelter Functions of houses
Various house types across different climates
Purpose and properties of various materials used in house construction
Different types of roofs, their function and importance
Textiles and Clothing Different types of clothes and their materials
Origin of common clothing materials (plant, animal, synthetic)
Cotton fibre to clothes
Properties of different clothing materials
Appropriate clothing for different weather conditions
Basic care techniques for different types of clothes
Transportation Classify different means of transport into land, water, and air categories
Basic functionalities of road, rain, land and water transport
Necessity and importance of different means of transport
Unique features of transport systems used in cities
Environmental impact of transportation
Means of Communication Function and purpose of different communication methods
Need and importance of communication
Responsible communication and ways to identify misuse
Difference between communication in public places and personal communication
All About Air Basic properties and uses of air
Air Movement
Air pollution, its effects and ways to reduce it
Rocks and Minerals Rocks and minerals, definition, difference, properties and uses
Classification of rocks and their features
Processes involved in the rock cycle

Scholar Section

Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section

Sample Papers of Unicus Global Science Olympiad for Class 2:

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