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Unicus General Knowledge Olympiad Class 10 Sample Papers


Classic Section: History of India & the World, Rise of British in India, Freedom Movement ; First in Different Fields; Dates and Events, Battles and Wars, and World War I and II; Russian & French Revolution; Indian Constitution, Politics and Political Parties, and Elections in India; Geographical Features of India & the World; Places of the World; National Parks, Technology & Research Institutes, and International Organisations; Economics; Books and authors; Abbreviations; Films; Sports; Countries - Capitals and Currencies; National and International - Awards and Honours; Hill Stations; National Symbols of India and its Neighbouring Countries; Judiciary in India & the World, and Names of Parliament; Current Affairs

Scholar Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions from above syllabus

Sample Papers of Unicus General Knowledge Olympiad for Class 10:

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Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads: