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Unicus Global Science Olympiad Class 9 Sample Papers


Classic Section

Content Domain Main Topics Sub-Topics
Physics Kinematics: The Study of Motion Examining different types of motion and their characteristics
Measurement of motion parameters such as speed, velocity, and acceleration
Deconstructing the equations: first, second, and third equations of motion
Interpretation of motion through graphical representations
Investigating circular motion: characteristics and applications
Analysing motion in sports, transportation, and technology
Dynamics: Forces and Motion Laws Different forces, their properties, applications and implications
Exploring newton's laws of motion and their applications
Investigating concepts related to momentum and its conservation
Apply newton's laws to analyse and interpret various physical phenomena.
Gravitational Phenomena Understanding the law of gravitation and its implications
Examining the factors influencing gravitational force
Newton's laws of motion and their integration with the law of gravitation
Applying equations of motion to describe freely falling bodies
Analyzing gravitational forces and their effects on celestial bodies
Studying the motion of satellites and objects in orbit
Work and Energy Transformations Understanding thrust, pressure, and their effects in fluid environments
Work done by forces
Investigating the concept of work and its relationship with energy
Differentiating between various forms of energy and their interconversions
The rate of work and energy transfer
Applying the principle of energy conservation in practical scenarios
Practical implementations of energy converters
Sonic Explorations Unraveling the production and propagation of sound waves
Analysing the characteristics of sound and its behavior
Production and transmission of sound
Mathematical representations and graphical analysis of sound wave properties
Human perception and frequency analysis
Exploring applications of sound technology in daily life
Chemistry Matter in Various States Examining the properties of different states of matter
Correlation between molecular structure and macroscopic behavior
Understanding phase changes and their underlying principles
Investigating factors affecting the state of matter
Advanced states of matter
Purity and Composition Differentiating between pure substances and mixtures
Exploring methods for separating mixtures based on their composition
Formation and properties of compounds and the role of chemical bonding in their structure
Analyzing the composition of matter in diverse contexts
Atomic Structure and Bonding Historical perspectives and modern atomic theory
Investigating the structure of atoms and their constituents
Understanding the principles of atomic bonding
Exploring the concept of molecules and their formation through bonding
Practical problem-solving using the mole concept and stoichiometry
Applications of formulae and mass calculations
Atomic Models and Electron Configurations Tracing the development of atomic models from bohr to the quantum mechanical model
Exploration of isotopes and isobars, their significance, and methods for determining their presence
Analysing electron configurations of elements and their significance
Practical applications of isotopes and isobars in various fields
Biology The Cell - Basic Building Block of Life Cellular organisation and function
Tenets and significance of cell theory
Interdependence of cell components
How the structure of each organelle relates to its specific function
The coordinated work of organelles to maintain cellular processes
Light and electron microscopes and their role in revealing the detailed structure of cells
Tissue Dynamics Understanding the diverse types and roles of tissues in organisms
Organisation of tissues into functional units
Applications of tissue culture in research and medicine
Biodiversity in Nature Differences among major taxonomic groups of organisms
Appreciating the importance and implications of biodiversity
Insights into evolutionary processes and adaptations in living organisms
Human Health Causes, transmission, and prevention of, and resistance to diseases
The importance of diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices
Principles of treatment and prevention
Reproductive Biology- Plants Morphological analysis of floral components
Fertilisation dynamics
Comparative analysis of sporophytic and gametophytic phases
Abiotic and biotic factors influencing reproductive outcomes
Environmental Science Fundamentals of Waste Classification of waste materials based on their chemical, physical, and biological properties
Adverse effects of improper waste disposal on terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric ecosystems
Emerging waste-to-energy technologies
Bioremediation and phytoremediation techniques
Enhancement of Food Resources Comparative analysis of conventional and organic farming methodologies
Genetic manipulation for yield enhancement in crops
Cropping patterns for sustainable agriculture
Assessment of aquaculture, poultry farming and apiculture
Biogeochemical Cycles in Ecosystems Interactions between biological, geological, and chemical processes within ecosystems
Significance of biogeochemical cycles in maintaining environmental equilibrium

Scholar Section

Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section

Sample Papers of Unicus Global Science Olympiad for Class 9:

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