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What should be the plural of this word?

What should be the plural of this word?

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Unicus Olympiads

What should be the plural of this word?

In the English Language, there is great importance of Singular and Plural Nouns. A word that refers to more than one thing or person is known as a plural noun. The following are some of the examples:

To make the plural of the noun, we should end the plural ending –s. For example:

  • car – cars
  • school – schools
  • bag – bags

It does not end just here. There are a lot of exceptions to this rule.

The nouns ending with s, x, z, ch, and sh should be pluralized by adding –es to make the plural. For example:

  • bus – buses
  • branch – branches
  • glass – glasses
  • box – boxes

The nouns ending with ‘f’ are made plural by adding –ves and the pronunciation of es is /z/. For example:

  • wolf - wolves
  • knife – knives
  • wife – wives

The ‘f’ ending nouns have some of the following exceptions:

  • roof – roofs
  • chief – chiefs
  • cuff – cuffs

In nouns ending with o, –es is added to form the plural. For example:

  • cargo – cargoes
  • tomato – tomatoes
  • zero – zeroes
  • tornado – tornadoes

The o ending nouns also have some exceptions. They are:

  • zoo – zoos
  • piano – pianos
  • photo – photos
  • zero – zeros

The following nouns have irregular plurals:

  • woman – women
  • child – children
  • foot – feet
  • cactus – cacti
  • thesis – theses
  • criterion – criteria
  • oasis – oases
  • datum – data

There are some nouns that remain the same even in their plural form. They are the following:

  • aircraft – aircraft
  • species – species
  • deer – deer
  • sheep – sheep

Then there are also some nouns that are always in the plural form. Some of them are:

  • scissors
  • stairs
  • jeans
  • pyjamas
  • scales
  • headphones
  • shorts

The following nouns are always singular:

  • politics
  • phonetics
  • news
  • mathematics

The English Language contains very vast content and plural nouns are just a small part of it and they are very important for our day to day life.

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