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What is the Importance of Mental Math?

What is the Importance of Mental Math?

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Unicus Olympiads
What is the Importance of Mental Math?

Mental Math is one of the most important forms of education for school-aged children. It is used not only in schools but also in our everyday lives. It is the process of doing mathematic calculations in our mind without the use of calculator, pen, or paper. Some people think of it as manipulating numbers in minds. Every day examples of mental maths are:

  • How much time is left for our class to get over.
  • The number of runs left for our team to make to win the match.
  • During shopping working out the cost of goods
  • Calculating a tip
  • Metric conversions
  • Working out exchange rates
  • And many more

Even though it is very useful skill, yet it is one of the most under-developed one among the other family members of mathematics. Some of the following reasons will tell you the importance of mental maths:

  • Practising mental maths tends to stimulate the brain and boost the learning capabilities.
  • Increases the observation skills of a person and helps to build relationship between numbers.
  • Mental maths depends largely on our memory. In order to solve maths one has to be attentive and a good listener.
  • Builds a person’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Concentration level of a person improves.
  • Makes the brain sharp, strong and more efficient with use.
  • Enables children from young age to easily workout answers to many mathematical scenarios in everyday life. /li>
  • Stimulates a child’s interest in maths.
  • Helps children to reduce mistakes while solving problems.
  • Children will be able to understand the mathematical concepts instead of just reading them.
  • Children are more likely to approach to maths subject with a positive outlook with the help of mental maths.

Mental maths is an easy way to understand maths from a young age and it acts as a support and key to confidence for young children all over the world.

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