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Common Grammar Mistakes

Common Grammar Mistakes

Unicus Olympiads
Unicus Olympiads
Common Grammar Mistakes

Common Grammar Mistakes In English sentences and especially while writing something such as Article, Letter, Short Story or a Novel, it is very important to make sure that your language of speech and grammar is correct. The importance of grammar is drilled in almost all of the English major students. The following points are very important:

  • Poor grammar reveals laziness
  • Shows lack of respect for readers
  • Literary form of bad manners
  • Exposes the writer as not so serious about his work
  • One reason for the downfall of a self-published author

Here are some of the common grammar mistakes that can kill the credibility of a writer:

  • Subject-Verb agreement errors: The subject and the verb must be in agreement with each other whether they are plural or singular.
  • Sentence fragments: An incomplete sentence that does not have an independent clause is a sentence fragment. It is very important to make sure your sentences are assembled properly.
  • Missing comma after introductory element:A comma is used after a phrase, clause or an introductory element and it also helps avoid confusion of the reader.
  • Misusing the apostrophe with ‘its’: Many times the difference between an apostrophe ‘its’ and it is not clear. Apostrophe ‘its’ is used only when the word means it is or it has.
  • No comma in a compound sentence: No comma should be used in a compound sentence as a comma separates two independent clauses in a compound sentence separated by a conjunction.
  • Misplaced or dangling modifier: A misplaced modifier is a phrase that is improperly separated from the sentence it describes and such sentences can sound awkward, ridiculous or confusing. A dangling modifier modifies such sentences.
  • Vague pronoun reference: If a vague (wrong) pronoun is used in a sentence it might confuse the reader.
  • Wrong word usage: A wrong word used in a sentence can confuse the reader or change the meaning of the sentence.
  • Run-On sentence: A run-on sentence is the one in which two main clauses are connected without punctuation.
  • Superfluous commas: It is a common mistake of putting unnecessary commas in the sentence.

There are many more grammatical mistakes that are very common and can be the biggest reason for a very nice talent to go down. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you write your content with complete attention and read them after completion to avoid being embarrassed in front of your seniors.

So, from next time, concentrate on the grammar too like what have you written, why have you written, is it making a meaningful sentence, and many more.

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