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GK Questions For Class 5

GK Questions For Class 5

Unicus Olympiads
Unicus Olympiads

General knowledge plays a very crucial role in every student's life beginning from a young age till grown-ups. Since class 5 is the beginning step for the mental development of the child, it becomes necessary to teach them general knowledge, as a subject to help them develop their knowledge well.

Solving and practicing class 5 GK questions will benefit students enhance their knowledge, regardless of the class they are going to, all their lives. The questions will help students to polish their reasoning skills. It will help them to become more sharp, knowledgeable and competent. 

The path of learning anything, be it GK or any other subject, is neverending. GK quizzes are a fun way to learn and look ahead to for the long term, it would certainly support class 5 students in their lives.

Here we’ve listed down interesting GK questions with answers for you all to practice.

List of Class 5 GK Questions with Answers

GK Questions For Class 5: GEOGRAPHY 

1. Delhi is situated on the bank of which river?

            Answer: Yamuna

2. Number of Union Territories there in India?

            Answer: 8

3. Victoria Memorial is located in which city?

            Answer: Kolkata

4. Name 5 cash crops.

            Answer: Tea, Jute, Sugarcane, Cotton and Tobacco

5. Name star which indicates the north is called?

            Answer: Pole Star

6. River Ganga falls in which sea?

            Answer: Bay of Bengal

7. Name the brightest planet in the Solar system.

            Answer: Venus

8. Name the origin source of the Brahmaputra river?

            Answer: Tibet

9. Name one crop of Assam that is very famous?

            Answer: Tea

10. Where is Gir National Park located?

             Answer: Gujarat

11. Which is the largest beach in India?

             Answer: Marina Beach

12. Name the origin source of the Sutlej river?

             Answer: Tibet

13. Where is the tower of silence situated?

             Answer: India

14. How many seconds are there in an hour?

             Answer: 3600 Seconds

GK Questions For Class 5: SOCIAL SCIENCE 

1. Name the Place where dead bodies are kept.

            Answer: Mortuary

2. Who wrote the book ‘Wings of Fire’.

            Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam

3. What is three-fifths of 50?

            Answer: 30

4. Who is known as the Prince of Indian Mathematics?

            Answer: Srinivasa Ramanujan

5. How many zeros are there in one crore?

            Answer: 7

6. The computer was discovered by?

            Answer: Charles Babbage

7. How many sides are there for a Heptagon polygon?

            Answer: 7 sides

8. Name one heavy metal?

            Answer: Gold

9. Who discovered Electron? 

            Answer: J. J. Thomson

10. Which city is called Pearl City?

            Answer: Hyderabad

11. Young one of a cow is called?

            Answer: Calf

12. Who is the Father of Nation? 

            Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

GK Questions For Class 5: SCIENCE 

1. Name the organ of the human body that produces a fluid known as bile.

            Answer: Liver

2. Human heart is made up of what muscles?

            Answer: Cardiac muscles 

3. Where does the digestion of protein start in our body?

            Answer: Intestine

4. Which is the acid that is secreted in the stomach?

            Answer: Hydrochloric Acid

5. Nerves from the eyes and ears are connected to the -

            Answer: Cerebellum

6. Which blood vessel carries deoxygenated blood?

            Answer: Pulmonary Artery

7. Which hormone controls the blood pressure in the human body?

            Answer: Vasopressin

8. Which membranes are invested by the brain and spinal cord?

            Answer: Meninges

9. What disease is caused by Vitamin B deficiency?

            Answer: Beriberi

10. By which process does the excess water in plants get released?

            Answer: Transpiration 

11. What is the healthy blood pressure limit?

             Answer: 120/80 mm Hg

12. Name the preserved remains of once-living organisms?

             Answer: Fossils

GK Questions For Class 5: SPORTS

1. How many players are there in the cricket team?

            Answer: 11

2. What’s the number of times has India hosted the Olympic games?

            Answer: Zero

3. Name the game played with a bat, ball and wicket?

            Answer: Cricket

4. In cricket, the two sets of wickets are how many yards apart?

            Answer: 22 yards

5. The FIFA Football World Cup in 2018 was held at?

            Answer: Russia

6. Name the first Indian to win a gold medal at the Olympics?

            Answer: Abhinav Bindra

7. Pankaj Advani is a player of which sport?

            Answer: Snooker

8. Name the player who scored the highest individual score (264 runs) in the One Day International (ODI) cricket match against Sri Lanka?

            Answer: Rohit Sharma

9. Name the cricket stadium in Kolkata?

            Answer: Eden Garden

10. Number of players in a Volleyball team is?


11. Gambit and Stalemate terms are related to which sports?

             Answer: Chess

12. The 2016 Olympic Games were held in which country?

             Answer: Brazil 

Benefits of Learning Class 5 GK Questions

  • General knowledge opens up gateways to your kids' thinking and takes it to a position from where the whole world seems to be a better place.
  • It is an unpredictable world and as parents, you need to stay aware and vigilant and indulge your kids in GK awareness. 
  • When your kids start keeping knowledge about current things happening and facts, they tend to become more intellectual.

These Simple Class 5 GK Questions are designed from various fields like Science, Geography, Social Science, Sports. 

These questions will be helpful to students in various GK quizzes, competitions and enhance their awareness.


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