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GK Questions For Class 4

GK Questions For Class 4

Unicus Olympiads
Unicus Olympiads

General knowledge imparts interest in kids from an early age by opening them to a new world of knowledge. GK questions class 4 covers a huge range of subjects and topics including plants, animals, astronomy, places, etc. and events from the past, present and things that are likely to happen in the future. But the question that arises is what purpose does GK serve in a class 4 student’s life?

So here we are to solve all your queries.

The meaning of general knowledge is well more than just understanding the answers to a general knowledge quiz. A student's personality can be easily measured by their up-to-date general knowledge of different subjects and current affairs in various realms, making them an intelligent and more aware person with whom everybody would like to communicate and love knowing new things from them. 

We’ve listed here the top 50 GK questions class 4 with answers to sharpen your intellectual skills.

List of GK Questions Class 4 with Answers

GK Questions For Class 4: SOCIAL SCIENCE 

1. The largest island in the world is?

            Answer: Green Lan

2. What is King Arthur’s sword called?

            Answer: Excalibur

3. National Girl Child Day in India is celebrated on?

            Answer: 24th January

4. Discovery of India was written by?

            Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

5. ______ voted to exit from the European Union?

           Answer: The United Kingdom

6. Who was awarded for the Booker Prize in 2019?

            Answer: Margaret Atwood

7. Which state is known as Orchid Paradise in India?

            Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

8. Albert Einstein was famous for?

           Answer: Albert Einstein was a famous scientist.

9. Who is named the Father of Geometry?

            Answer: Euclid

10. Who is named the Nightingale of India?

             Answer: Sarojini Naidu

11. Which is the National Song of India?

             Answer: Vande Mataram

12. Which is the national Bird of India?

             Answer: Indian Peacock (Pavo cristatus)

13. National Girl Child Day in India is celebrated on?

             Answer: 24th January 

14. Name the tallest statue in India?

             Answer: The Statue of Unity, India

GK Questions For Class 4: GEOGRAPHY 

1. Name the two types of eclipses?

            Answer: Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse

2. How many days are there in a leap year?

            Answer: 366

3. Agra is situated on which river bank?

            Answer: Yamuna

4. Which is known as the longest river on the earth?

            Answer: Nile

5. Name an animal that has a hump on its back?

            Answer: Camel

6. The highest dam in India is -

            Answer: Tehri Dam

7. Which is the largest planet of the solar system?

            Answer: Jupiter

8. Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?

            Answer: Mandarin (Chinese)

9. Where is the Gateway of India located?

            Answer: Mumbai

10. Name the islands that are a part of the country India -

            Answer: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands belong to India.

11. Which planet is called the red planet in our solar system?

            Answer: Mars

12. How many planets are there in the solar system?

            Answer: 8

GK Questions For Class 4: SCIENCE (Human Body and Technology)

1. What’s the number of bones there in a newborn baby?

            Answer: 300

2. Name the Brain of a computer -

            Answer: CPU

3. Which organ in our body is considered to be most sensitive?

            Answer: Skin

4. Goitre is a disease caused due to the deficiency of?

            Answer: Iodine

5. Which body part has the smallest bone?

            Answer: Ear

6. Facebook was founded by?

            Answer: Mark Zuckerberg

7. Who invented Penicillin?

            Answer: Alexander Fleming

8. Purification of our blood is done by which organ?

            Answer: Kidney

9. What country is at the top in robotics?

            Answer: Japan

10. Earth is layered and surrounded collectively with gases which is known as —?

             Answer: Atmosphere

11. Which is an essential element of photosynthesis?

             Answer: Carbon dioxide (CO2)

12. What combined makes up an ecosystem?

             Answer: Biological and abiotic components

GK Questions For Class 4: SPORTS

1. Olympic games started in which year & country?

            Answer: Greece(1896)

2. Where is the tower of silence situated in India?

            Answer: India

3. Which team was awarded as the runner-up in the Cricket World Cup 2011?

            Answer: Sri Lanka

4. Who invented television?

            Answer: J.L Baird

5. LBW is related to which sports?

            Answer: Cricket

6. Saina Nehwal is famously known with which sports?

            Answer: Badminton

7. How many players are there on each side of hockey?

            Answer: 11

8. Who won the first T20 World Cup?

            Answer: India

9. Who is called the magician of hockey?

            Answer: Major Dhyan Chand

10. What is the national sport of India?

             Answer: Hockey

11. Wankhede Stadium is located in?

            Answer: Mumbai

12. Which country is called the father of the Chess game?

             Answer: India

Benefits of Learning GK Questions Class 4

  • General Knowledge questions help students build perspective about the world.
  • GK is used to improve the children's sense of accepting the world, understanding and analyzing the situations better as one would without proper knowledge.


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