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Unicus Cyber Olympiad Class 9 Syllabus

Class 9

Classic Section: Fundamentals of Computer; Memory and Storage Devices; Evolution of Computers; Windows 10, Operating Systems (Introduction, Features, Types-single user and multiuser); MS-Word 2010  (Links, Mail Merge, Macros, Exploring Styles group, Exploring File tab, Language and Translate options, Tracking features -Comments, Reviewing Pane, Tracking Changes, Comparing, Combining and protecting documents, Working with references); MS-PowerPoint 2010 (Working with Slides Master and Themes, Advancing slides using Hyperlink and Actions, Customizing and Broadcasting Slide Shows, Macros, Exploring File tab and Slide Show tab, Comparing, Combining and protecting presentations); Introduction to MS-Excel 2010  (Components of MS-Excel window, Editing and formatting cells in a worksheet, Introduction to Formulas, Sorting and filtering data, Macros, Features of Insert tab, Exploring File tab, Useful Formulas and Functions - IF,Even, Odd, LCM, HCF, Power, Product, Round, Sqrt, Sum, Min, Max, Avg, Count, Upper, Lower And Replace, Cell referencing, Using Defined Names group); Introduction to MS-Access 2010; Internet and Viruses, Basics of Cyber Crimes, Cyber Laws; Introduction to HTML  [HTML, Head, Title, Body (Attributes: Background, Bgcolor, Text, Link, Alink, Vlink), Font (Attributes: Color, Size, Face), Basefont (Attributes: Color, Size,Face), Center, BR, HR (Attributes: Size, Width, Align, No Shade, Color), Comment, ! For Comments, H1..H6, P, B, I, U, IMG, HTML Elements: A, Ul and Ol (Attributes: Type, Start), Li]; Networking; Latest Developments in the field of IT

Scholar Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Classic Section.