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Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO) Registration


Welcome to Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO). If you are reading this, then you have already taken the first step to strengthen your problem-solving and lateral skills.

We would want you to fill in all the details correctly so that, in case, if you are eligible for any award, it will reach to the right place with right personal details.

Please note that appearing for UNRMO Level 1 exam is free of cost. Around 15% students will qualify for Level 2 and they will be eligible for merit certificates, medals and trophies. The fees for Level 2 is Rs. 300 for students residing and studying in India while $20 (INR 1400) for students residing and studying outside India.

We're sorry, UNRMO is NOT available for Class 1 , 2 and 11 students.
You are already registered for Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO)!

What is UNRMO?

UNRMO stands for Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad. We are sure that you must have appeared for many Mathematics Olympiad which certainly force the students to think deeper for the answers exposing them to their practical knowledge but does not help them in choosing and making strategies and then successfully applying them.

Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad is a step ahead of them as the problems in our examination are real-life based. Consequently preparing the students for real-life problem-solving. You all must agree that these problems do not come with prescribed steps or algorithms on how to solve them. The student has to think creatively and logically to solve them. Hence, helping the students to dig deeper into the problem-solving by creativity i.e. which doesn't follow a learned algorithm.

What is Non-Routine Mathematics?

As the name indicates, non-routine means something different from the routine. These kind of problems do not have any immediate apparent strategy for solving them and hence, classroom learning may not be of complete help. Basically a student requires some kind of lateral thinking because it is more of creative problem-solving.

There are many ways to solve these non-routine problems with multiple strategies. Over time, the students learn to trust themselves to determine appropriate strategies to use and solve these challenges with confidence.

Non-routine stimulates enthusiasm, fosters creativity, and strengthens intuition in mathematical problem solving of a student.

Difference between Routine and Non-Routine Mathematics

The major difference between routine and non-routine is that in routine problem-solving there are routine problems which are generally symbolic and wordy problems usually related to the school curriculum. While non-routine problem-solving requires students to think deeply to apply basic mathematical concepts in finding the solution. Non-routine mathematics requires student’s mathematical reasoning power and ensures that mathematics is more than just learning procedures and algorithms.


We believe that with proper set of questions and guidance to the students, the non-routine problems can be solved easily. Also, many students, who struggle with the computational concepts, may advance well with non-routine problem-solving as it helps in developing higher-order problem-solving skills. By consistently allowing students to grapple with these challenging problems, we are helping them acquire essential problem-solving skills and the confidence needed to successfully execute them.

The student always needs to follow these 4 steps for Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO)

  • Understand the question completely without jumping to any conclusions at the beginning itself
  • Make a plan which includes strategies and algorithms on how the problem can be solved (because there are many ways in which these problems can be solved)
  • Execute the strategies created
  • Review the result and find out if the strategies and algorithms have been applied successfully or not

Important Points

Unicus Non-Routine Mathematics Olympiad (UNRMO) is a 2-Level Olympiad available from classes 3 to 10 (as per (2020-21)). It will be held during winters.

  • Level 1 (simpler than NMTC – National Mathematics Talent Contest)
  • Level 2 (similar to NMTC)

It will have 20 questions for students. The syllabus will be same for Classes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10.

There will be negative marking. So, for every incorrect answer, we will be deducting 1/3rd mark. Although, the final marks will be rounded off to the nearest integer.

The registration is free for Level 1. Hence, you can appear for the examination free of cost. The Level 1 exam is free since we would like student to experience a Mathematics Exam which is very competitive and quite different from regular exam. If you qualify for Level 2, then we charge Rs. 300 for you to appear for the same in case you are studying and residing in India. For students residing and studying outside India, the fees is $20 (INR 1400).

We have assured certificates/medals/trophies to students who qualify for Level 2.